The company has built a fleet of dedicated vehicles suitably equipped to meet the requirements of the most demanding clients.

Additionally they have several tractor units with suitable high cube capable semi trailers able to carry general freight and or 20’ or 40’ shipping containers. The company is well versed in the cartage of any load that might require transport via the open decks of their flat deck fleet plus over-dimension loads, be it high or wide, even loads that require piloting and most recently their new step-deck trombone specialised semi..

Menefy Trucking Specialise in flat deck cartage using 13, 14 & 15mtr semi's with low deck heights, required for doing over height jobs. They also have the capacity to carry out a wide range of specialist freight services having gained a reputation for complying to high industry standards, having quality up-to-date equipment, including 4 axle trailers, having knowledge, experience and the skill set required to load and carry specialist loads. From massive crane shifts, New Zealand wide, to huge oil drilling rigs and associated equipment.  Including, but not limited to steel and scrap steel, containers, timber, huge concrete structures, concrete pipes, machinery, full race team equipment and their vehicles, large steel tanks/boilers, palletized product including alcohol, new wooden pallets, huge kitset animal shelters and green house kits.

Swinglift service. 
Yard space for hire. 
10 tonne forklift.
Bulk fuels including petrol, diesel, white spirits and oils.
Pilot Vehicle

Menefy Trucking have worked directly with the following to name a few:
Redpath Pacific Ltd
Vulcan Steel
Kiwi Pallets
CMA Recycling
Molten Metals
C3 (Complete Cargo Care)
ANL Shipping
Dunlop Motorsport
Toyota Motorsport
BMW Motorsport
Various large structural Companies

Menefy Trucking have worked indirectly with the following to name a few:
Mainfreight Group
Hooker Pacific
Central Express
Central Southland Freight
Regal Haulage
Smiths Cranes

For more information on Menefy Trucking Ltd’s exact capabilities please contact them.